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Dear beautiful people, what makes you?

Updated: May 13

Artwork by Martha Argelia title Mother's Nature Warm Embrace. Created on 2019.
Mother nature's embrance. Martha Argelia. 2019.

I'm writing this with a lot of pain in my heart. And, usually, I am not creative during these down moments, however right now I'm feeling the theme of this post. I've had the topic of beautiful people on my mind for some time now. What makes a person beautiful? I think about it often and have, several times, concluded that beauty is an emotional feeling...sometimes even a visceral feeling. You see someone, experience someone, hear someone's voice--and you have a reaction that progresses in slow-motion after the initial shock. I keep trying to relate this feeling to something, but I can't seem to find anything. I would not describe it as happiness, but it does create a positive feeling. I can describe it as a comprehensive feeling of elation and peace.

You hear someone's voice and you feel their emotion. Maybe they're describing a section in Central Park the way you've never heard someone describe it before. Maybe someone is telling you a story while sipping a comforting cup of coffee--which on its own brings them an incredible amount of joy, and therefore, that emotion seeps through as they tell their story. You receive that nice pile of goodness. Beautiful person.

A person smiles at you just to say good morning, without uttering a word. You feel their pride of being alive this morning. Beautiful person.

A yellow smiley face with a green blue background

A person acts as if they can move mountains with one small action. They use reusable tape to wrap presents. They carry a delicious baguette--no bag. They play your favorite song just because, it'll simply move your spirit, and therefore the mountains out yonder. Beautiful person.

A person cooks a good meal. Simple, comforting, and with love. Beautiful person.

A person reads a book out loud for a few minutes, because it's some of the best writing they've ever read. Beautiful person.

A person looks fucking amazing head-to-toe. Beautiful person.

A person can give two shits what everyone thinks and just want to walk around in their meat suit being 100 with their spirit and being. Beautiful person.

Beautiful Coral

They put raisins in their macaroni salad, walk on the left side of the street, wear the same outfit every day, they don't make their bed in the morning, they're slow drivers, crunch chips, they dance. They read, they want a banana for lunch, they want coffee at 8pm.

They love flowers, want more bookstores, love kindness, appreciate the little things, and surprises. They don't judge or are self-involved. The world is truly their oyster.

Beautiful people. You're beautiful.