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Transitioning into spring in NYC.

Photography. Selfie. Martha Argelia 2024.
Martha Argelia. 2024

Random thought.

Those two weird weeks when we're on our way to spring in NYC and have no idea what to wear.

Living in LA, it was just a constant state of layering all year long. While there, I missed my NYC seasonal changes. Being away from something (or someone) for a while allows you to appreciate and notice details that flew over your head as you were experiencing and expecting it—it was a constant. The change in seasons was a constant.

I'm highlighting those two weeks of NYC, and much of the East Coast's, weather. It lands right between winter and spring. Awkward fashion line the subway platforms. You'll find uggs with shorts and cute trench coats with sweats. This wasn't a period in time I had been aware of in the past--where you're not sure whether to commit to the puffer, wear the jean jacket, layer up, or freeze in the morning just so you can look cute in the afternoon.

Today, I chose the latter. Chunky Everlane crewneck sweatshirt and black jeans, LINNEA GERMANIA socks, and Chelsea boots. I froze in the morning, waiting for the bus, but right now I'm just right.

Photography by Martha Argelia NYC Spring April 2024
NYC April 2024. Photo by Martha Argelia.


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