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Vibe: Senegalese Women

Senegalese Women. Fabrice Monteiro b. 1972, Namur, Belgium
Fabrice Monteiro b. 1972, Namur, Belgium

It's just a vibe--when your accessories include spectacular gold, a pipe, a fan, and no apologies.

This image was shown at the Smithsonian for the 2019 "Good as Gold: Fashioning Senegalese Women" exhibit within the Works in Dakar, Senegal Signare exhibit hall, #1 2011.

The exhibition dives into "sañse," a Senegalese concept (meaning "dressing up" in Wolof) that celebrates looking and feeling your best. "[Good as Gold]" explores how urban Senegalese women, like those in Dakar, use gold jewelry to craft meticulously designed, elegant outfits. It also examines the fascinating interplay between local and global influences on fashion and how these elements are understood.

Here is a statement about the show that I thought was interesting:

“While most of the objects in the exhibition were made by men, the designs, styles and names of such works are by women,” said Amanda Maples, guest curator of the exhibition and lead author of Good as Gold: Fashioning Senegalese Women. “‘Good as Gold’ reveals the ways in which Senegalese women have historically used jewelry as a means of fashioning a cosmopolitan identity of power and prestige.”




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