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Vibe Check: "Back on 74" by Jungle

Video still of Back on 74 video by Jungle
Still of "Back on 74" video by Jungle.

Remember when you couldn't wait for the video to your favorite hottest track to drop? I just realized this is one of the many nostalgic feelings I experience while listening to Jungle. I've been a fan of the band Jungle since I heard their single "Casio" playing in a Starbuck in Santa Monica--part of their third studio, I realized I was late to this awesome band's game. Excited nonetheless, to come across some really good music.

The video to Back on 74 is remarkable, wonderous, full of cool and power, chill and effortless being. It is its own vibe and I fucking love it!

Jungle's choreographer, Shay Latukolan, was inspired by Michael Jackson, The Supremes, and The Temptations, but also (and primarily) the music. The lead dancers are Will West and Mette Linturi. "Back on 74" is part of Jungle's 4th studio album Volcano.

Enjoy the video below and tell me what you think!




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