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Françoise Pétrovitch's Le Secret is in my thoughts.

Françoise Pétrovitch, Le Secret, 2021
Françoise Pétrovitch, Le Secret. 2021.

I came across the French artist, Françoise Pétrovitch while creating an inspiration board for my bedroom. I was in search of interesting blues and Le Secret popped up with a very emotional, supple blue. I love this piece. You can see and feel the intention with every stroke and the careful selection of color. The nails are trying to be a bold hot red, but for some reason they're a quiet red. Maybe it's the secret they hold together? Maybe it's her own private secret. Maybe she feels his private secret and can't bring herself to go full red.

He's enveloped by the blues. Is she on the verge of the mean reads? So much vulnerability captured here and I believe there's an existential crisis brewing.

With her art, Pétrovitch explores a mysterious world where things aren't always what they seem. Through her creations, she brings hidden emotions to life.

You can find more information on Françoise Pétrovitch here.


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