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CHAVÓN School of Design

CHAVÓN, La Romana, Dominican Republic
CHAVÓN, La Romana, Dominican Republic

I recently came across probably one of the most beautiful art and design schools in the world.

Nestled in the Dominican Republic and partnered with the prestigious Parsons School of Design, CHAVÓN empowers aspiring artists, designers, and filmmakers from Latin America, the Caribbean, and beyond. This global center of art and design education cultivates a dynamic student community, fostering connections and igniting creative careers.

CHAVÓN is located near the town of La Romana and right there lies Altos de Chavón--a remarkable recreation of a 16th century Mediterranean village that has blossomed into a cultural hub for artists and art lovers alike. It's evolved into something far more enchanting --an artists' colony that now boasts an array of galleries, artisan workshops, and the prestigious art school--CHAVÓN.

Alumni have held exhibits in museums around the world and have designed for some of the world's most respected fashion houses in Spain, Paris, and New York. You can view CHAVÓN's list of notable alumni here.

Sometimes, when visiting the Caribbean, one can easily be trapped by the comforts of what seems familiar. However, the Dominican Republic, an island full of pride and joy, offers so much beauty and exploration outside of the walls of a resort. You often find yourself quite comfortable with that which is unfamiliar--it's the people and the beauty of the country.

If you're in La Romana, stop by the CHAVÓN school and explore Los Altos of Chavón.




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